Keep Your Website Registration Current

The database that controls password access to the Events and Newsletter pages, also determines whether you will be sent an emailed notification when a new newsletter is posted for download on the Newsletters Page of the website.

This database contains your name, your email address, your personal password, and your election to receive emailed notification of a new newsletter.

To update or change any of these, immediately after log in with your email address and password, you will see in the upper right hand corner of your screen “My Account”. Click on this and you will be presented with a place to change any of these items.

When your email address changes, we also ask that you also notify by email any of the Association officers, so that we can keep our master list of emails current. This master list is independent of the database controlling the website, and it is the source of the email list that is posted for download on the Newsletters Page. It is more inclusive of our membership as not all the members on this list elect to activate a password on the website.



Apparently there has been some confusion among members regarding “web delivery” of the newsletter. We discovered that a number of members who had elected “web delivery” had not activated password access to the website necessary to download the newsletters, apparently believing the newsletter would be individually emailed to them. This is not the case!

The newsletter is not actually emailed, but all folks registered on the website are notified when a new one becomes available. To obtain the newsletter, you must go the website (, go to the newsletters area, and download it. Accessing the newsletter area requires signing on with a password, so you must have newsletter access authorized.. There is a place to click if you do not yet have a password. Then a screen opens that requests your name and an email address. Your request for access will be processed and you'll receive notification via email when your request is approved. After you have been approved, you will be able to sign on and view newsletters, rosters, etc. You need to have approved website access in order to receive the automatically generated notification of a new newsletter and also to download it. If your email address changes, you'll need to update that information on our web site to continue receiving the automatic notifications.