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Photos from Members2


RB-47E Interior Photos.  Taken at the newly restored bird in the AF Museum by Jim Rusher, 2004
4th man's oxygen panel
Aisle looking forward
Coffee pot - did we ever have any?
Aisle, looking aft
Copilot's seat from aisle
ECM control panel
Fuel control panel
Nav position
Nav desk
Nav sextant - ever used?
Pilot's seat
Pilot's yoke
Fuel control panel
Nav sextant
Photos from Various Sources  
Rock at Bowling Lake
370th BS in 1958
370th BS at Bowling Lake with Andy Devine
424th BS 1960
Parachute shop, post closure
A&E guys, 1965 Back row: Sullivan, Herr, Taylor, Schields, Short, Holle
Front row: Miller, Hutcheson, Laws, Leslie
Kneeling: Haraburda, Cihal, Peltz, Loffredo, Thomas
Art Hood (right) in Primary Flight School
Last B-29 from Okinawa- courtesy Jimbo Shumake
Wild West Party 1958- Vi Mattioli, Gene Aenchbacher, Terry Brooks

Cloyse Hepler-lost on C-118, 1956, from his daughter, Katherine Hepler Ward

Front L to R: Alfred Q Brooks, Vincent A Locey, Paul K Smith.  Rear L to R: Jerome F Hart, Calvin G Cragun, Roger E Hammerli.  From Cragun's daughter, Kaya Cragun Staehlin
The Fabulous Dancing Tummies
Billy Lyons, Paul Palmer, Jim Carlton display their bag at their annual crew pheasant hunt, 2000
KC-97 burns following skid off runway, 15 April 1960.  All crew successfully evacuated.
Ken Goodroe, age 18
Capt Ken Goodroe, lost with the C-118 in 1956, submitted by his daughter, Morgen Goodroe
Billy Lyons and crowd start their Madrid R&R
Crew J-38, 1959.  L to R - unidentified, Ray Normandin, Bill Novetzke, Gary McGill, Larry Kessler
Crew J-38, 2000.  Novetzke, Kessler, McGill.
Robert Mulleins receives award from Col Pete Read.  Photo from Mulleins
OMS - March 31, 1960
Paul Pudwill
Howard Solomon, Mike Gingrich, Joe Miller
Hank Grogan invited Jimmy Stewart to be the speaker and guest of honor at our 1992 reunion in Orlando.  This is Jimmy's hand written response to Hank.
Merry Christmas from Holdrege House!
R T Boykin & Roger Beamer receive awards.
John Pacura & Walter F "Buddy" Duch in Burma, 1944.
RAF Vulcan, from Flip Latham
OMS guys reunite-They hadn't seen each other in 40 years! Jim Rusher, Dick Finke, James Villa at B-47 Stratojet Assoc reunion, 2004
B-47 Monument at the AF Museum, 2004: T R Taylor, Mike Gingrich, James Villa, Jim Rusher
307th Memorial Plaque at the Air Force Academy
...And they said it couldn't be done!
John Ogen with RAF-type in the UK
Cmdr Kevin Kovacich, son of Vince Kovacich
B-36 rolls to new hangar at the AF Museum, 2004
Col Frank Kisner, son of Frank J Kisner
"Jimbo" Shumake
Vista of Lincoln Flight Line
Why there is a Nebraska Navy!  Floods in Lincoln
Jim Meeks daughters reminisce
Mitch Lyons and F-117, son of Billy Lyons
Dangers of overloaded bomb bays
Dale Storr, Gulf War POW, son of Dick Storr
Virgil Buie at Harmon AB, 1959
Helen & Jerry Otten after wining the state jackpot at Cripple Creek, 1998.







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