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This photo was shot by Bert Vorchheimer, a 307th ARS pilot in the late 1950s.  Bert has donated it and its copyright to the 307th Bomb Wing B-47/KC-97 Association



B-47E 53-6244 the last B-47E produced  
In front of 17th BW at WPAFB - 1974
At Lincoln AFB - James Villa photo
Cockpit, while in derelict status - Bright photo
Derelict crawlway- Bright photo
Derelict with 17th BW Crest - Bright photo
Prior to destruction by fire department - Bright
AF Museum postcard, shortly after arrival at WPAFB - from Jim Rusher
Rolland England Photos  
After his first parachute jump
Getting ready to jump
Receiving retirement award from Col Moore
Rolland's jump class
Working on Space Shuttle at Lockheed
B-47 Photos  
ATO Rack
ATO Takeoff
From Art Hood
Approach chute deployed
Approach & brake chutes popped for landing
Gear down in the pattern
Water alcohol takeoff
Snow at Greenham Common - Erickson photo
Instrument panel
Dale Christians Photos
The infamous 7 engine B-47
307th personnel at 1961 Bomb Comp
Christians, Jordan, Timmons
Christians crew greeted by Glen Lally
Timmons, Jordan, Christians
Riley, Phillips, Ouderkirk, Christians, Ecelbarger, Schissler, Mattioli, Cobb, unknown, Morrison
Paul Trudeau with new camera
Paul Koski & cohorts inspect an engine
Unidentified 307th guy
Bill Erickson Photos  
With the 98th: Jim Varnum, Chuck Bopp, Bill Ericson
Mike Gingrich Photos  
Ken Wikle ponders his future after the Moron Base Commander tells him to fly his glider while on alert!
Alert quarters at Moron
Alert vehicles at Moron
O Club at Moron
Luxurious digs at Palma-Nixe Palace Hotel
Palma arrival: Ken Wikle, Bob Byrom, Jack Jones, Joe Miller, Joe Rogers, Howard Solomon
RAF Vulcan crew and Solomon at LAFB
Solomon kills time on alert at LAFB
Trudeau with Tony, the Moron shoe shine guy
Paul Trudeau & Pete McKay at Catellana Hilton in Madrid
Water Polo? at Moron: Solomon & McKay
Forget the ball - you're gonna drown!
Joe Anthony Photos  

1955-307th Navigators at B-47 school at McConnell AFB. Rear row: 4th from left-Cecil Davis. Extreme right- Bill Palmquist. Center row: third from left- Don Hesse. Extreme right-Dick Gronberg. Front row: Extreme left- Joe Anthony. Extreme right- Weber.

Photo taken during the 307th first overseas deployment with B-47s out of Lincoln. Crew L-61, 372nd BS is pictured along with an RAF Officer, believed to be the Head of Bomber Command, equivalent to CINCSAC. Left to right: Copilot Capt Leo Beers, Navigator 1st Lt Joe Anthony, Aircraft Commander Major Bill Holden, RAF officer.
Crew members who participated in a successful “Pacesetter” mission. Rear row: third from left- Tony Minnick. Front row: extreme left standing – Bill Holden. Extreme left sitting – Joe Anthony. Second from left – Marv Pelletier.
Robert Rose Photos  
Taken in jet engine shop at Lakenheath during 307th first deployment. L to R. Murray, Zanetti, Lehr, Persons, Raynor, Rinehardt, Nystrom, Askew.
Left rear to front. Reese, Swanson, Nichols, Curd.
Rt rear to front. Swinson, Shaetley, Oliver.
L to R. Galloway, Mikoloski, Connor, Howard.
Left side Lovelace, Seay, Raynor..
B-47 ATO takeoff
US First Class Stamp

Refueling- Photo by Hal Austin
6244, photo by Jim Villa
Refueling-photo by Brannon
President Reagan Thanks to SAC
Riding the Boom

551st SMS-Ken Fisher, Don Luther, Ron Resh  









Copyright 2003, 307th Bomb Wing Association