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Branson 2008 Reunion

Lodge of the Ozarks

13-18 May 2008

The Eleventh Standup of

The 307th Bomb Wing B-47/KC-97 Association

Members in Attendance

Photography by Whitehurst,

Graphic Supervision by Todd,

Management by ALL in attendence

Jim & Bidda Adams
Dick & Eloise Arens
Col Janet Kisner Augustine with escorts

Charlie & Peggy Baker

Roger & Dottie Beamer
Larry & Jan Boggess
R T Boykin & nephew Dan
Gaylen & Betty Brocka
Earl & Ida Buys
Jim & Carolyn Carlton
Bill & Grace Carrier
Jim & Elaine Cinnamon
Ray & Esther Coley
Jim & Barbara Cone
Dallas & Julie Crosby
Don, Phyllis & John Daley
Mike & Judy Decarlo
Dick & Mary Delaney
Bob & Shirley Delany
Virgil Domino
H O & Mary Evans
Bill & Joan Filipula
"Bud" & Jan Flanik
Jim & Ethel Flavin
Dick & Barbara Goodson
Larry Hall
Bob & Gwen Hansen
Elmo & Pat Hills
Brent & Anne Horn
Don & Ginny Johnson
Harry & Carol Jones
Al & Mary Kulikowski
Don & BJ Ladley
Jerry & Penny Lanning
"Flip" & Sandy Latham
Elwood & Sharon Leonard
Billy & LaRee Lyons
Bob & Doreen Matich
Pete & Pat McKay
Tony & Bev Minnick
Wally & Pat Mitchell
George & Wauneta Nigh
Don & Angie Nigro
Frank & Kathryn Ott
Jerry & Helen Otten
Clarence & Joyce Padgett
Paul & Grace Palmer
Tom & Lori Parson
Gerry & Beverly Ridley
Bill & Mary Rogers
Jim & Helen Rusher
Edmund Saler
Jerry & Joan Sparks
Stan & Irene States
Ken & Kaye Tarwater
T R Taylor
Norm Tilton
Tim & Gladys Timmons
Pete & Wendy Todd
Doug & Pat Valen
Jim Villa & Karen Presley
Les & Emilie Walrath
Phil & Ida Mae Walters
Frank Wanek
Charlie Watkins & Braba Harmon & Cheryl Cook
Jim & Donna Whalen
"Wally" & Peggy Whitehurst
Billy & Jean Williams
Joe & Mary Lou Wratten


Unit Photos

Photography by Whitehurst

370th Bomb Sq
371st Bomb Sq
372nd Bomb Sq
424th Bomb Sq
Armament & Electronics Sq
Field Maintenance Sq
Organizational Maintenance Sq
Air Refueling Squadron
Headquarters Sq
Passing the Fur-Lined Pot to Dayton


The Fun Stuff We Did

Sunny Day at the Cruise Dock
Pete trying to make his computer talk to Brent's camera
A typical 307th Banquet crowd
Fun at the piano bar
Andy Williams can croon like always

Andy has a neat restaurant too

Looks like Glen Campbell??
Let's have a little rhythm here
Hurry, or you'll be late for Andy
Can't get away from the piano bar
The best hospitality room ever
Bud, Flip and the Delany's talk of serious stuff
They keep dragging me back to the piano bar
Not all the best seats were at the piano bar
Arens study up on memorabilia for the test
Is there ever a reunion without a bus?
By golly, Branson has a downtown!
Buddy Holly was in Branson
And the Blues Brothers, too
You jes ain't gonna believe ...Ed Sullivan
Elvis came back in the building, cause he didn't wanna miss the 307th
The crew chiefs who kept us flying
Do they have a 1/8th scale B-47 model?
Now, who WAS that guy who said the rooms were too large? I've found a closet...
Is this big enough, Jan?
Michelle, our favorite barmaiden
Mickey Gilly really was in Branson
Ah declare, this looks like the Old South
Review time on the Branson Belle
Shoji and his magic violin
And every reunion has a crowd waitin for the bus




Copyright 2003, 307th Bomb Wing Association