For some time our website ( has been inoperative with respect to a person attempting to change his/her email address and password, or attempting to sign up for new password access.

There is no software fix in sight for this problem!

The database which allows your password access is an integral part of the software which runs the website and is not amenable to tinkering by amateurs, such as your editor.

Jan Boggess keeps and maintains an entirely different and separate membership address database, which among other things keeps track of who wants to receive our newsletter by mail and who wants to download it from the website.

The software problem described above has nothing to do with Jan's database.

Therefore, to prevent further frustration ...and provide a workaround, please observe the following:

1. DO NOT try to use the website to change your email address (Eaddr) or Password (PW).

Doing so will delete your old registration and you will then be unable to access your previously accessible PW protected areas (Newsletters (NL)).

2. DO USE your old Eaddr and PW to access the NL through the tab at the top of the Home Page.

Using this you can download the NL, but the email from the website announcing a new NL will go to your old address and you will probably not receive it.

Because of this we will post a notice of a new NL on the website Home Page to alert you

If your Eaddr and PW are current, you will receive the new NL notice and you can then download the NL.

3. If you have never registered for PW access before, do not attempt to do so now, because nothing will happen as a result!

If you are enrolled as a member or associate or enroll as a new member, you will receive the NL by USPS.

If you are unable to access the password controlled Newsletter part of the 307th website, AND if you previously requested to receive your newsletters by downloading them from the website,

please inform 307th BW Association President Brent Horn at email "" ASAP.

Be sure to include your name and email address. We will then arrange to deliver the newsletters to you as an email attachment as they are published.


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