Lincoln 307th BW Business Meeting Minutes

6 June 2015


The meeting was called to order by President Brent Horn. He called for the Treasurer's report; Treasurer Tony Minnick reported that our current balance is about $7,900. It was brought up that since Tony Minnick is one of the more senior members of the wing, perhaps we should have a new treasurer. Tony announced that Billy Williams is also a signer our bank account, so we already have a backup in place.

Website Discussion . Our website service provider is losing money and is going out of business; that means our website will no longer exist after 27 June 2015. There had been some doubt whether our historical data could be downloaded by then, but Brent announced that Mike Gingrich had accomplished this task. The cost of setting up a new website is currently unknown. Mr. Lee believes that he can set up a new website for us. Laurie Bunten recommended using, a do-it-yourself website builder, to set up our new website. Rob Branting talked about an LAFB site ( and a face book page to store info on; could include some 307th BW info and a link to our new website, which would give us some redundancy.

Newsletters . Our next newsletter will be in July 2015. This will be the last newsletter sent out via Postal Service. All future newsletters will be sent via email. A Postal Service newsletter mailing costs $900 for each issue, so switching to electronic mailings will be a considerable savings for the association. Members who are not already receiving the newsletter via email should submit a current email address to President Brent Horn to ensure receiving future electronic newsletters.

Reunions . Brent Horn asked whether anyone wanted another reunion and also said anyone who held up his hand would be in charge of it. Nobody held up a hand. It was agreed that we would have no more reunions.

There was some discussion about how our first reunion was set up and how it grew to what it is today. Future reunions were discussed again toward the end of the meeting. It was decided that anyone who wants a reunion and is willing to host it should contact the association president to request one. A motion to retire the "fur lined pot" and give it to Billy Williams was seconded and passed.

Merger . There was a discussion as to whether our 307th Bomb Wing should join another group. One possibility is the 307th Bomb Group, which holds a reunion every year and operates by charging annual dues: $30 per single, $ 50 per couple, and $95 per family. This group traces back to World War II, and represents veterans and their descendents for several types of aircraft, including B-24s and B-29s, both of which flew combat and were shot down unlike our B-47 wing. There is also a B-47 Stratojet Association that is open to all B-47 people with annual dues of $15 per person. They hold a reunion every other year in odd numbered years. Some members voiced the desire to maintain our own identity and heritage rather than becoming absorbed into a group with other interests. Others did not want to start paying dues. A vote was taken on whether to join any other group. Four members voted to join another group, but the majority voted to remain independent. It may be possible to link to another group's website, but that possibility is not definite.

Advisory Committee . With no reunions, we will no longer have business meetings to decide on the association's future. Mike Gingrich had previously organized an advisory group; members of that group who attended this reunion are Bill Filipula, Billy Williams, Larry Hall, and Gene Lee. Tony Minnick suggested that we set up a group of 11 members to advise the association what to do in the future. Tony Minnick mentioned that we need a committee since we do not know how much it will cost to get our website going again. Once we find out whether we can get a new website on-line, then we can decide where we are going to put the association information residing on the current website, and what to do with our remaining money. It was pointed out that it would be difficult for the advisory committee to meet unless all members live in the same area. It was then suggested that the advisory committee consist of members living near Lincoln. It was decided that the advisory committee should have an odd number of members to avoid tie votes. Brent called for volunteers to form a committee of five that live in the Lincoln area. Tony Minnick volunteered and others agreed to serve. The advisory committee will consist of Tony Minnick, Wally Whitehurst, Roger Cronk, Billy Williams, and Gene Lee. A unanimous vote approved this committee of five and gave them the authority to make decisions about the association's future.

Election of Officers . It was suggested that all current officers be re-elected. The officers were polled and all agreed to continue in office. A vote was taken and they were re-elected. Our officers are:

President: Brent Horn

Vice President: Bill Rogers

Secretary: Larry Boggess

Treasurer: Tony Minnick

Other Items :

•  Mike Hill came forward to address the group. He acknowledged not joining any other group, but stated that our group will cease to exist without second generation involvement. He challenged the SAC brats to step up, get active and stay active.

•  Bob Wise addressed the group and encouraged veterans to tell their military stories so they won't be lost to following generations. He told us there is an oral history program available through the Library of Congress. Jim Villa mentioned that he had told his story to the Library of Congress.

•  Jean Williams asked that people sign the condolence card for Don and Phyllis Daley in the loss of their son John, a regular reunion attendee, who passed away last April.

•  George Nigh told a story of how he, Jim Lancaster, Howard Joiner, and Billy Williams made a trip to Evansville, IN, in 1954 to help get Billy engaged. To make a long story short, they got some gas, switched drivers, drove through the night and wound up at the same gas station at 6 am the next morning. After finally arriving in Evansville, they took Jim Lancaster to a bus station; everyone else went on a date. When they picked up Jim the next morning, he was wearing different clothes. He may have gotten married, but no one knows for sure.

•  The schedule for pictures was discussed. Unit pictures were scheduled immediately after the business meeting, and individual/couple/family photos were scheduled for the social hour before the evening banquet.

A motion for adjournment was made, seconded and passed.

Note: Since the time of the meeting it has been revealed that the new website is up and running. Instructions are the same as they have always been.