307th Roll of Remarkable Records

Youngest Married Couple at Lincoln: Mike & Linda Fox. Married 24 Dec 1962; Mike age 19 (DOB 9/5/43), Linda age 16 (DOB 11/18/46).

Youngest B-47 Combat Crew: Crew R-17, December 1958. Solomon, age 24; Gingrich, age 24; Miller, age 24.

Most newborns while at Lincoln: Gene and Betty Hickman, & Bill & Shirley Adams: four

Youngest individual assigned to Lincoln: Walter F Johnson, arrived Lincoln 4 Jan 56, age 17 yrs, 5 mo, 7 days.

Shortest Time Between Blessed Events: Roy & Catherine Miller, 10 months, 9 hours and 4 minutes in 1957 at Lincoln.

Most Time assigned LAFB: Marvin and Betty Pelletier, 12.5 years from December 1954 till July 1966.

First to arrive at LAFB: Marv Nystrom, early 1954.

First Crewmember at Lincoln and still flying: Frank Eisenbraun, 10 Jul 1954/ Fedex.

Last to Leave the 307th: Adam Mizinski, 17 March 1965.

Most grades promoted at LAFB: Lawrence C Hall, 4 grades from A3C to TECH SGT.

Most houses lived in in Lincoln: Betty Pelletier, ten.

Longest time to become Combat Ready: Howard O Evans, 4,142 hours in the B-47 over 6 years and 2 months.

Most Reflex Tours from Lincoln: Hank Grogan, 22 tours to UK & Spain.

Luckiest Person: Helen Otten, winner of nickle slot machine jackpot, Colorado Springs Reunion, 1998.

Shortest Tour at Lincoln: Tom Mazuzan, 1954 - - 102 days.

Shortest time married in 307th BW: Frank Eisenbraun, 1 day, 28 April 1957.

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