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Charleston 2006 Reunion

Clarion Hotel

23 - 27 April 2006

Photos by Whitehurst, Highland, Kulikowski, Latham, Gingrich & Plantation Photography




Members Attending

Portraits by Plantation Photography

Roger & Dottie Beamer Larry & Jan Boggess
R T Boykin Jr Vern Biaett & Millie Lamb
Ivens "Buck" Buchanan Laurie & Donna Bunten
Jim & Carolyn Carlton Bill & Grace Carrier
Albert "Jim" & Elaine Cinnamon Jim & Barbara Cone
Bob & Nancy Corti Dallas & Julie Crosby
Don & Phyllis Daley George & Rita Davis
Bob & Shirley Delany Bill & Joan Filpula
Bud & Jan Flanik Darrell & Lois Gallenberger
Jim & Judy Gardner Mike & Jan Gingrich
Hank Grogan & Jane Schafer Merl & Shirley Hahn
Bob & Gwen Hansen Bill & Linda Hastings
Tom & Judy Hattan Tom & Gloria Highland
Elmo & Pat Hills Brent & Anne Horn
Jim & Mary Jacobs Earl & Sue Johnson
Harry & Carol Jones Don & Martha Kellum
Paul Koski Vince & Harriet Kovacich
Al & Mary Kulikowski Jarvis "Flip" & Sandy Latham
Bob Matich Tony & Bev Minnick
Wally & Pat Mitchell Don & Angie Nigro
Gerry & Helen Otten Paul & Grace Palmer
Bob & Norma Patterson Jim & Helen Rusher
Jesse & Arlene Sears Clarence & Charlotte Southerland
Jerry & Joan Sparks Don & Marilyn Stallard
Bruce & Evie Stufflebeam T R Taylor
Noble & Gladys Timmons Pete & Wendy Todd
Jim Villa & Bobbi Karsteter Wally & Peggy Whitehurst
Billy & Jean Williams  


Squadron Photos

by Plantation Photography

307th Armament & Electronics Maintenance Sq
307th Field Maintenance Sq
307th Organizational Maintenance Sq
307th Headquarters Sq
370th Bomb Sq
371st Bomb Sq
372nd Bomb Sq
424th Bomb Sq


Around the Hotel...


Are we there yet?  Gloria Highland enjoys a luxury C-17 flight from McCord
Flip gets registration set up
By Golly, lets get started
Pete & Ski check out the memorabilia
Missions - Long Ago.  Who remembers?
Hospitality rapidly filled up
Billy gets the Lobby organized
I remember that!
Did anyone bring cards?
Paul Koski & Bob Matich share Desert Storm experiences
Hank brought his working clothes
Who told Wally to relax?
Flip puts out the reunion ops order
Brent Horn receives the next reunion chairman's symbol of authority, the coveted legendary Fur-Lined-Pot
Flip & Mike tell Brent how easy it is to put on a reunion.  They lie! Plantation Photography lines us up for squadron photos
Nothing beats seeing old friends again
Tom Hattan, Jim Villa & Bruce Stufflebeam trade war stories


Monday AM - The City Tour

The first of many bus rides
Military Museum diorama shows the Redcoats leaving Charleston
Back on the bus...let's go downtown
but first it's lunch time
fabulous view with Ft Sumter a bump on the horizon

Old Town is charming and quaint

Hold on...we're gonna eat there tomorrow
The Market Place...blocks and blocks of shops
Doc & Joan Ordiway enjoying a purchase
Jim & Mary Jacobs:  Will it fit OK?
Hank Grogan peruses while Wally Whitehurst purchases
Brent & Anne Horn find some upscale shopping
Where are we supposta go now?
Wally & Don Nigro relax while Peggy goes looking for more bargains
Don't want to miss the bus...



Monday Evening - The Dinner Cruise

We decided on the bigger boat in back
Gotta hurry...
...So you can wait in line
But the elegant meal and service was well worth it
We were parked next to the Yorktown...
...and hoped we didn't get swamped


Tuesday AM - Fort Sumter

Down to the sea...for a ship...
and once more, queue up...
Underway at last...a view of the city
He visited his brother flyers...
... but, the landlubbers sat inside
There she is...
The Ranger told how things got started...
but, defensive hardware wasn't much help
Delany's, Highland's, Flaniks at the Fort
307th Bubbas meet at Bubbas for lunch...
...and a beer or two...
Coolest place to await the bus


Wednesday AM - Patriot's Point

Another day, another tour...
to see the carrier Yorktown
The Chief of the Boat told us how not to get lost
My golly, this is a big place!...the hangar deck
Tim Timmons is right at home
Our briefing room never had easy chairs
Wally & Roger wonder if they used ATO
Looks like a runway obstruction...
R T "I used to be a swabbie" Boykin and cousin Logan Teachey, do the FOD Walk
...Go Falcons, Beat Navy!
Carrier escort?
Where's Leonard DiCaprio when you need him?
Most of us would never fit in the bunks on this thing
Bill Carrier & Yorktown Carrier


Thursday Evening - The Banquet

Pete Todd & Flip Latham unveil the 307th

Plaque hung in the lobby of the Clarion

Prepared by the Clarion, we all signed it
The Maintenance Troops all got together
Tony Minnick greets Gen Duane & Mrs Cassidy
Jim Villa & Jim Cinnamon razz Julie, our friendly Brit barmaid
Villa, Karsteter, Sears, Cinnamon's & Rusher's
Tom Hattan donated a B-47 print that we auctioned off
Wendy admires R.T.'s kitty tie as Mike watches
Milling around in the lobby
Rosalie & Duane trade old tales with Jerry Sparks

In remembrance of POWs and MIAs who can not dine with us
Mike, it's called a flashgun, says Bud
A toast "To those who have gone before"
Rosalie & Duane Cassidy
Pat & Vince visit the bar
Grogan's Heros:  the 372nd contingent
Friendship of many years standing
Bob Corti and the Cassidys
Everyone has a digital camera now





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