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2004 Las Vegas Reunion Photos

This table is our way of symbolizing the fact that members of our profession of arms are missing from our midst. They are commonly referred to as Prisoners of War, or Missing in Action … WE call them brothers and sisters. They are unable to be with us, and so we remember them because of their incarceration.
This table, set for one, is small, symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner alone against his oppressors …

The tablecloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their intentions to respond to their country’s call to arms …

The yellow ribbon tied so prominently around the vase is reminiscent of the yellow ribbon displayed and observed by thousands, anxious for the return of our service members in time of war … REMEMBER!
A slice of lemon is on the bread plate to remind us of their bitter fate; and there is salt on the plate, symbolic of the tears shed by those who wait. … REMEMBER!
The glass is inverted, they cannot toast with us … REMEMBER!
The chair – the chair is empty – they are not here … REMEMBER!



307th A&E
307th ARS with Virgil Jacob
307th FMS
307th HQS
307th OMS
370th BS
371st BS
372nd BS
424th BS



Dick & Eloise Arens
Vern Biaett & Millie Lamb
Larry & Jan Boggess
Cec & Maureen Braeden
Earl & Ida Buys
Jim & Carolyn Carlton
Bill & Grace Carrier
Jim & Elaine Cinnamon
Johnny & Joan Clark
Roger & Mary Cronk
Don & Phyllis Daley
George & Rita Davis
HO& Mary Evans
Darrell & Lois Gallenberger
Jim & Judy Gardner
Mike &  Jan Gingrich
G'nell Gilstrap & sons Tom & Col. Jim
Hank Grogan & Jane Shaefer
Merle & Shirley Hahn
Larry Hall
Bob & Gwen Hansen
Tom & Judy Hattan
Dorothy Hill & Paul Gonzales
Brent & Anne Horn
Virgil & Sue Jacob
Harry & Carol Jones
Don & Martha Kellum
Al & Mary Kulikowski
Jerry & Penny Lanning
"Flip" & Sandy Latham
Gene Lee
Janie Marvel
Bob Mattich
Bill & Peg McCarthy
Tom Mills
Tony & Bev Minnick
Wally & Pat Mitchell
Barbara Moore
George & Wauneta Nigh
Don & Angie Nigro
John Ogren
Al & Virginia Opitz
Jerry & Helen Otten
Paul & Grace Palmer
"Pat" & Norma Patterson
Betty Pelletier
Phil & Ruth Philbrook
Shirley Pudwill & Dominic Pudwill Gorie
Tom & Kathy Reed
Bill & Mary Rogers
Jesse & Arlene Sears
Oleah & Ramona Short
Stan & Irene States
T.R. & Eunice Taylor
Nonle & Gladys Timmons
Pete & Wendy Todd
Dorothy Veiluva
Jim Villa & Bobbi Karsteter
Les Walrath & Emile Jensen
Charlie Watkins
Bob & Carolyn Weidner
Wally & Peg Whitehurst
Billy & Jean Williams
Tom Highland


Utapao alumni drink a toast...
With Hank Grogans 40 year old Thai ROTGUT
Registration check-in started Sunday afternoon
98th BW vet, Dale Osburn, was our greeter!
"It's in here somewhere!", says Vern Biaett
Latham, Todd and the Hansens warm up
Wally tries his new camera
Janie Marvel & Dottie Veiluva honored us again
This was Stufflebeam's first reunion
and Bob Merrick's first, with Pete Todd
Mac, Tim, Jim, & Darrell
Ho & Mary Evans with the "soft" stuff
Too much hard stuff? Bob Jorgensen & Betty Pelletier
The only complete crew: Carlton, Lyons, Palmer
Jim Villa makes a point to George Davis
Flip, Mike, Bob & Stan strike a pose
Nebraska deer hunters sub-reunion
Peg Whitehurst struck it big in the casino
Monday - To Red Rock Canyon
On the bus from Hell - no air conditioning!
Photo-op at the Canyon
Hanging around at Old Nevada
The melodrama was a theatrical spectacular
Cruising the main drag at Old Nevada
Tuseday was off to Hoover Dam.  Us old folks still say Boulder dam!
Some got DAM tired
and a stop at Liberace's on the way home
Wednesday, off to Nellis and the Thunderbirds
The hangar is spotless
Do you fly this with the yellow handle?
Our crewchiefs never looked like this!
There's only one crew member?
The shade was much cooler
Dom Gorie told us about his Space Shuttle flights
Pete Todd "herded the cats" at the business meeting
Flip Latham said "Let's go to Charleston in '06"
Flip accepts the Reunion Chairman's Fur Lined Pot
Hank Grogan & Flip Lathem conspire
Pre-banquet social hour & photo shoot
Captain Gorie & mom, Shirley Pudwill
The Bridesmaids came:Sandy Latham & Peg Whitehurst
Dom told us of the excitement of space
Wally & Cec dressed for dinner!






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