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Welcome to the 307th Bomb Wing B-47/KC-97 Association web site.

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The 307th Bomb Wing B-47/KC-97 Association serves the B-47 & KC-97 Cold War era at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska during the period 1954-1965.


Our Mission
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The 307th Bomb Wing

B-47/KC-97 Association is a worldwide association of current and former members of the US Armed Forces who were assigned to the 307th Bombardment Wing, (M), SAC, at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska between 1954 and 1965. The purpose is threefold: to perpetuate the legacy, history and memory of the 307th Bomb Wing; to promote the camaraderie of its members; and to support the US Air Force.

About the Association


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WW2, Post-War, Korean Vets, please note:

There are several associations which serve the 307th Community throughout it's history.

The 307th Bomb Group (H) Association serves the B-24 "Long Rangers" through their existance and Pacific Campaigns during World War II, 1941-1945. A contact for that group is Cathy Daniel, Group Secretary at, phone 804-399-5563.  Their elegant website can be found at

The B-29 era from 1946-1954, which includes the Korean War is served by the 307th Bomb Wing/Group Association. Their contact is their editor, Tom Stevens, at

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If you wish to forgo postal delivery of the 307th BW Association newsletter in favor of downloading it from the website at this site, read on. You can terminate your postal delivery by sending an email to Jan Boggess at, providing your name and using the subject line "web delivery". This will save the Association postal mailing costs and will go into effect with the next newsletter. The newsletter downloads as an Adobe PDF file: with a broadband connection the download takes but a few seconds; with a dial up connection it may take three to five minutes.

Important Information


307th BW Combined Bomber/Tanker Reunion, Aptil 24th to 28th, 2014, in Bossier City Louisianna.



The Thunderbirds will be performing for us on 27 April!

Go to the newsletter tab and view or download the special reunion info newsletter for all the essentials concerning the reunion.

Hotel Reservations can be made at anytime $ 99+Tx.

                  Diamond Jacks Casino Resort

                  Booking Name  307th Bomb Wing

                  Code if needed   S07BWIN                                     Toll Free  1-866-552-9629

Direct questions to Tony Minnick 402-423-6848  Cel 402-430-7206, Email


We will be joined by our older brothers, The 307th BG B-24 Long Rangers of World War II, B-29 combat veterans, from the 307th BW of the Korean War period, the 307th ARS who kept us refueled from their KC-97 tankers, and the folks from the newest version of the 307th at Barksdale who sport B-52s under the aegis of the Air Force Reserve Command.  Because of the divesity of the groups coming together, we are billing this as the 307th BW Combined Bomber/Tanker Reunion. 


Trouble Report:  From the inception of this website in 2003, we have published a running log of those who have made their last flight and have posted it under the Events Tab which appears at the top of this page.

Alas, the computer gremlins have bit us and we have not yet found the antidote. In plain language, we can't enter new info into the Events file.

But there's a work-around.  The same info is now in the Newsletter Tab as a viewable/downloadable PDF file.

If you have any Anti-Gremlin treatment, please share.

Links to Association Officers
Acting President/newsletter: Mike Gingrich
Acting VP Brent Horn
Secretary: Larry Boggess
Treasurer: Tony Minnick

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Photos from the 2012 Lincoln Reunion are now posted. Go to the Photos Tab.

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